Die Erfolgsraten der IVF-Naturelle-Behandlung  bei transferierten Embryonen.

Graphic: ®Dr. Florian Lenz & Prof. Dr. Michael von Wolff

IVF success rates

Success rates depend heavily on the age of the patient and the treatment performed.

According to experience in Bern, the following success rates are roughly indicative for women <40 years undergoing IVF-Naturelle (i.e. on average, using measures to control premature ovulation):

  • Pregnancy rate per transfer: 25-30% (1 embryo)

  • Transfer probability per cycle: 50-60% (A transfer does not take place in every cycle, since ovulation occurs too early in about 10% of cycles, the egg cannot be collected in about 10% of follicular punctures, about 10% of oocytes are immature and about 20% of oocytes cannot be fertilized or do not develop).

Since only one embryo is ever transferred, the pregnancy rate per transfer - based on a transferred embryo - is significantly higher than with traditional IVF. The reason for this is probably the better egg cell quality bacause the egg was able to mature naturally.