Various English definitions as well as German translations of IVF treatments without or with the minimal use of hormones are in circulation. The following classification is, from our point of view, understandable and meaningful for clinical practice and for patients. We also use this classification for our IVF treatments.

Traditional (normal) IVF

Any IVF with moderate or high gonadotrophin stimulation to induce as many follicles as possible to grow.

Minimal Stimulation IVF

Any IVF with a low dose of gonadotrophin or with clomiphene citrate to stimulate a few follicles to grow.


This newly created term includes all other IVF techniques without gonadotrophins and without alternative hormonal induction of folliculogenesis, but possibly using medication to control ovulation. The term IVF-Naturelle® was created in Bern and is copyrighted. It may only be used by centres who are members of the competence network.