IVF-Naturelle® – how it works

Before IVF therapy, the decision must be made about whether IVF treatment is necessary or not. Reproductive medicine specialist will usually decide if IVF therapy is required and will determine the type of IVF therapy. In our IVF-Naturelle ® centres, however, the choice of IVF therapy is oriented primarily to the wishes of the couples. We apply the principle that applies in all other areas of medicine and, in our view, should also apply to IVF therapy: If different therapies have the same effects, the simplest and most natural treatment should be carried out first. This procedure is shown in Figure 1.

If IVF-Naturelle ® is chosen, the procedure is followed as in Figure 2. The treatment is basically very simple since most of the treatment steps are natural, i.e., they are left to the woman’s own hormone system. Figure 2 gives an overview of the procedure. The treatment steps are described in detail in the section, "Treatment in single steps" (see cartoons).

  • How it Works – Part 1
  • How it works – Part 2