2. Behandlungsschritt der IVF-Naturelle : Follikelpunktion.

Graphic: ©Dr. Florian Lenz & Prof. Dr. Michael von Wolff

Follicular puncture

In traditional IVF, follicular puncture is usually performed under anaesthetic.  With IVF-Naturelle®, follicular puncture can be performed without the use of anaesthetics and painkillers (analgesics). A very thin needle is passed into the follicle via the vagina and the follicle is aspirated. The puncture takes about 1-2 minutes. Since this is routine in our IVF-Naturelle® centres, in most cases the puncture is no more painful than taking a blood sample. The whole consultation takes about 30 minutes, and you can go home or return to work straight afterwards. The sperm are either brought along so that the partner does not need to be present, or the partner provides the sperm during the follicular puncture.