NC-IVF becomes an increasingly accepted techniques among scientists and clinicians. Prof. von Wolff was invited by a well known scientific journal to write a comprehensive review of this technique. The article was reviewed by blinded experts. Accordingly, the article is an objective description of the state of the art of Natural Cycle IVF.

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In Switzerland in particular, there is growing awareness that IVF treatment not only leads to a slightly increased malformation rate, but also to functional changes in the children. These include changes in lipid metabolism, which are accompanied by an unfavourable distribution of body fat and a slightly increased blood pressure. Several but not all studies indicate that a link with IVF therapy is possible. However, this has not yet been confirmed for definite. It is also unclear whether such changes are relevant to children's health later in life.

What are the potential causes of


Mikroskop-Untersuchung in einem IVF-Labor.

PIS is now largely unlimited in Switzerland and is allowed in Germany and Austria for certain indications. This technique is promoted saying that it increases the success rate of traditional IVF i.e., IVF with hormone stimulation.

However, this is wrong. For each stimulation, the success rate of IVF