Competence Network: IVF-Naturelle® Your gentle way to having a baby

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The wish to undergo milder infertility treatments has prompted us to develop the so-called “IVF-Naturelle®” technique, a special form of in vitro fertilization. We largely refrain from using hormone stimulation because the natural cycle produces better embryos and is more beneficial to women's health, and probably that of the children. We are a network of centres who specialize in IVF-Naturelle® and are constantly further developing it.

Prof. Michael von Wolff & the teams in Bern, Munich, Klagenfurt, Hagen, St. Gallen and Ulm are looking forward to meeting you.


The IVF-Naturelle® Competence Network

The members of the Competence Network carry out IVF-Naturelle® treatments using methods which have been optimized over several years at the University Hospital for Women in Bern. All these member centres have a high level of expertise. The centres have also committed themselves to documenting their treatments in detail and to always reflect upon their work with the centre in Bern to guarantee high quality and constant optimisation. All the centres listed below also carry out all other commonly used fertility and IVF treatments.

Bern, Schweiz

Prof. Dr. Michael von Wolff

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Freyja IVF Hagen Kinderwunsch- & Hormonzentrum
Hagen, Deutschland

Dr. med. Birgit Lühr

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kïz) kinderwunsch im zentrum
München, Deutschland

PD Dr. Roxana Popovici

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Kantonsspital St.Gallen
St.Gallen, Schweiz

Dr. Felix Häberlin

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STERIGNOST Kinderwunsch-behandlungs GmbH
Kärnten, Österreich

Dr. Alexander Stadler

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Villa Kinderwunsch
Ulm, Deutschland

Dr. Cosima Huober-Zeeb

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In Switzerland in particular, there is growing awareness that IVF treatment not only leads to a slightly increased malformation rate, but also to functional changes in the children. These include changes in lipid metabolism, which are accompanied by an unfavourable distribution of body fat and a slightly increased blood pressure. Several but not all studies indicate that a link with IVF therapy is possible. However, this has not yet been confirmed for definite. It is also unclear whether such changes are relevant to children's health later in life.

What are the potential causes of



Our scientific research

Mikroskop-Untersuchung in einem IVF-Labor.

The technique of IVF in a natural cycle is as old as IVF itself. However, over the last decades, IVF techniques have shifted more towards IVF with high-dose hormone stimulation.

IVF in a largely natural cycle, i.e. IVF-Naturelle® as defined by us, is not commonly used and therefore the procedures and treatment results are only partly understood by many.

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