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Dear Readers,

The wish to undergo milder infertility treatments has prompted us to develop the so-called “IVF-Naturelle®” technique, a special form of in vitro fertilization. We largely refrain from using hormone stimulation because the natural cycle produces better embryos and is more beneficial to women's health, and probably that of the children. We are a network of centres who specialize in IVF-Naturelle® and are constantly further developing it.

Prof. Michael von Wolff & the teams in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain are looking forward to meeting you.

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What is IVF-Naturelle®?

The IVF-Naturelle® Competence Network

The members of the Competence Network carry out IVF-Naturelle® treatments using methods which have been optimized over several years at the University Hospital for Women in Bern. All these member centres have a high level of expertise. The centres have also committed themselves to documenting their treatments in detail and to always reflect upon their work with the centre in Bern to guarantee high quality and constant optimisation. All the centres listed below also carry out all other commonly used fertility and IVF treatments.


Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Michael von Wolff

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kïz) kinderwunsch im zentrum
Munich, Germany

PD Dr. Roxana Popovici

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Kantonsspital St.Gallen / Fiore
St.Gallen, Switzerland

Dr. Vera Hungebühler

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Barcelona, Spain

Dr. med. Markus Nitzschke

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Kinderwunsch Frauenaerzte Neckarsulm
Neckarsulm (Stuttgart), Germany

Dr. med. Stefan Eisenhardt

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TFP Fertility Vienna
Wien, Austria

Prof. Dr. med. Kazem Nouri

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Villa Kinderwunsch
Ulm, Germany

Dr. Cosima Huober-Zeeb

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Kinderwunschzentrum Bonner Bogen
Bonn, Germany

Dr. Eva-Maria Boogen & Dr. Ulrike Bohlen

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Zentrum für Reproduktionsmedizin und Humangenetik Hildesheim
Hildesheim, Germany

Dr. med. Georg Wilke & Dr. med. Jan-Simon Lanowski

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Luzerner Kantonsspital
Luzern, Switzerland

PD Dr. med. Alexandra Kohl Schwartz

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Praxis für Kinderwunsch und Hormone
Hamburg, Germany

Dr. med. Osterholz-Zaleski & Dr. med. Urte Reinhardt

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Freyja IVF Hagen Kinderwunsch- & Hormonzentrum
Hagen, Germany

Dr. med. Birgit Lühr

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Kinderwunschzentrum Baden
Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland

Dr. med. Martina Nordin &
Dr. med. Mischa Schneider

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Wunschkinder Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Dr. med. Katja Schwenn

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Kinderwunsch Institut Dr. Loimer
Linz, Austria

Dr.med. Leonhard Loimer

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NC-IVF becomes an increasingly accepted techniques among scientists and clinicians. Prof. von Wolff was invited by a well known scientific journal to write a comprehensive review of this technique. The article was reviewed by blinded experts. Accordingly, the article is an objective description of the state of the art of Natural Cycle IVF.

Read the full length article here.

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Our scientific research

Mikroskop-Untersuchung in einem IVF-Labor.

The technique of IVF in a natural cycle is as old as IVF itself. However, over the last decades, IVF techniques have shifted more towards IVF with high-dose hormone stimulation.

IVF in a largely natural cycle, i.e. IVF-Naturelle® as defined by us, is not commonly used and therefore the procedures and treatment results are only partly understood by many.

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