Fertilisation of the egg cell

The egg cell is fertilized in the IVF laboratory. This is the only artificial process in the entire treatment. The type of fertilization depends on the quality of the sperm and on your wishes.

If the spermiogram is good, so-called insemination is carried out, i.e. the sperm are presented to the egg cell, and fertilization takes place independently. If the spermiogram is poor, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ISCI) is performed for the best possible chances of successfully fertilising the egg cell.

Additional treatments such as assisted hatching, pre-implantation screening and the variety of treatments you find on the internet can be avoided. All these measures are unnecessary for naturally matured oocytes and a uterine lining which has developed naturally. Millions of years of evolutionary optimization cannot be improved!

3. Behandlungsschritt der IVF-Naturelle : Befruchtung der Eizelle.

Graphic: ©Dr. Florian Lenz & Prof. Dr. Michael von Wolff