Our scientific research

We are continuously developing IVF-Naturelle® and communicate new findings to all IVF-Naturelle® centres. As a result, you will always be treated according to the latest scientific findings. We would like to inform you about the most important studies and publications. Some articles have already been published and many other articles are expected to be published shortly. In the Scientific Publications menu, we summarize the publications comprehensibly in a few sentences and provide a link to the publication - if allowed by copyright. We would like to provide you with a factual and objective basis for assessing IVF-Naturelle® yourself.


1st Study: Flushing the follicles increases the egg cell yield

A study from 2013 published in the journal, “Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology” describes the techniques used to collect egg cells during IVF-Naturelle® treatment. We were able to show that flushing the follicle increases the yield of egg cells and that three flushing steps are needed to achieve the maximum egg cell yield. Based on this, follicles are often additionally flushed during follicular puncture in IVF-Naturelle centres.

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2nd Study: The costs per achieved pregnancy are lower for IVF-Naturelle®
3rd Study: Clomiphene citrate reduces the risk of premature ovulation
4th Study: Hormone stimulation leads to an unnatural change in the follicular fluid
5th Study: 3 IVF-Naturelle® therapies are not as mentally stressful as 1 IVF with hormone stimulation
6th Study: In IVF-Naturelle® the unpleasant progesterone administration after the follicular puncture is not required
7th Study: Prognosis factors for maximal IVF-Naturelle® therapy success


It is also possible to take part in a study yourself to save money as well - read more on this page.