Kinderwunsch Frauenaerzte Neckarsulm (near Stuttgart)

You are looking for a child and are looking for a competent center that sensitively deals with your questions and problems and accompanies you on your way to the desired child? We are convinced that in addition to individual and personal medical care in a pleasant atmosphere, the IVF laboratory has a central and outstanding importance. This "heart" of the fertility clinic decisively decides on the success of a fertility treatment. Both the laboratory management and the medical management of our fertility center have passed the master's degree in clinical embryology, which is relatively unique in Europe, with distinction. We are happy to offer you this gentle IVF treatment, because we are convinced of it and we care about your success!

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Dr. med. Stefan Eisenhardt & Dr. med. Susanne Kaiser
Medical administration
Heiner-Fleischmann Str.1/2
74172 Neckarsulm
Tel.: +49 7132 488 5600
E-Mail: Contact under