Saving money when participating in a study

If you are interested, you can also take part in one of our studies and possibly save money as well. This offer applies to the following 2 studies:

Investigation of whether follicular flushing leads to a higher egg recovery rate

(Study Title: "Does Follicular Flushing Improve the Outcome in Monofollicular IVF Therapy?")


During follicular puncture (removal of the egg from the follicle), the follicles are often rinsed, as it is assumed that this can increase the egg cell yield. Ultimately, it is not clear if flushing is really helpful.


In our study, we compare the oocyte recovery rate with and without follicular flushing. When participating in a study, it is decided by chance whether flushing will be performed or not. Since both approaches are very similar and lead to a similar result, you have no obvious disadvantages in participating in a study. There is not additional effort or other burden involved by participating in the study.

  • Duration of study: Until approx. 2018
  • Number of participants required: 164

Advantages for you:

No egg is obtained in about 15% of cases when a follicle is punctured. However, the follicular puncture must still be invoiced at CHF 550, - because a lot of work is involved for the laboratory. If you are enrolled in the study and no egg cell is found, you will not need to pay CHF 550, and can then use the money for another cycle.

Who can participate?

  • Treatment with IVF-Naturelle®
  • Women aged 18-42 years
  • No more than 2 previous embryo transfers without pregnancy

Further information: Trail number: NCT02641808


Investigation of whether ibuprofen leads to a delay in ovulation